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Who is /Amanda?

Amanda is a trained ChatGPT model who was initially designed by the ChatGPT Prompt Factory. Once you paste the Initial Training Prompt into ChatGPT, Amanda will become a character designed to meet your specific needs. She will act according to the tone and style defined by you. Amanda will serve as your assistant and expert …

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How to Train ChatGPT in 1 Click?

Training Once you have a preset ready, you need:  Once the value in the checkbox is changed the scripts are executed and ChatGPT Prompt Factory will start building a Pop-Up with Prompt for you. It will take approximately 5-7 seconds (Please wait before the blank Pop-Up will be filled in with prompt details. Once the …

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📚 Libraries

In the Library, you have the possibility to learn how ChatGPT understands the audience, tones, and styles. You can check each, and the description of it will be auto-populated. You have access to a quite large library. If you need more, you can always add up to 500 custom audiences, 500 custom tones, and 500 …

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Explanation of Tabs

SuperDashboard This tab is mostly used by Premium Tier users to quickly select the character (Choose a Preset) they would like to use for prompt generation. Once the character is selected, you will be redirected to the Dashboard tab where you can work. Another use of the SuperDashboard tab is to show or hide unnecessary …

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📜 Script Execution

Script execution happens on the backend. There are no visible signs (apart from some scripts showing the message on top of the screen), such as “Running Script” when the script runs and “Finished Script” when it’s finished. The script execution time depends on the complexity of your request to build a prompt and on Google …

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