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How to Train ChatGPT in 1 Click?


Once you have a preset ready, you need: 

  1. Add a Topic and What is Related to:
  2. Check the checkbox in column I which says “StartTraining

Once the value in the checkbox is changed the scripts are executed and ChatGPT Prompt Factory will start building a Pop-Up with Prompt for you. It will take approximately 5-7 seconds (Please wait before the blank Pop-Up will be filled in with prompt details.

Once the pop-up appears, you will have a button labeled “Copy All.”

  1. Click on the button Copy All to copy the whole prompt.
  2. Open ChatGPT and paste the prompt (Ctrl+V) and press Enter.

The training will start, and ChatGPT will provide you with the first output, saying that it understands your command and your request. It can list a number of things that it understands and say that it is ready to work with you.

The important thing to know is that at this stage, ChatGPT has already been trained based on your needs, and you can now have a conversation with it. It will act according to your setup and the instructions you provide. For example, in the case of this documentation on [How to use ChatGPT Prompt Factory], ChatGPT is trained to act as an expert.

You can always check if the chat is acting as instructed by typing /Amanda? in the chat.

Now, ChatGPT is trained based on your specific needs and is ready to act and function as programmed!

[🟢 ACTING AS INSTRUCTED] means that ChatGPT is acting per your instructions (trained model).

If for some reason ChatGPT is acting not within a designed role, you will see the output as [⚠️ ACTING OUTSIDE OF INSTRUCTIONS]. See example:

You can always get back and Train ChatGPT by providing Initial Training again.

Once provided, ChatGPT will act again as designed by you. Based on your particular Needs.

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