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How to Get Prompts in 1 Click? (Automation)


Automation refers to the process where, once you have customized your roles, the only thing you need to do is add your thoughts, and ChatGPT Prompt Factory will create tailored prompts based on your needs


If you are using different roles within different ChatGPT chats, do not forget to train ChatGPT first as it remembers the previous several conversations.

Just add your thoughts or paste anything that you would like to use as input in column K (My Thoughts/Context) and Click on Checkbox “Get Prompt”.

Once the value in the checkbox is changed the scripts are executed and ChatGPT Prompt Factory will start building a Pop-Up with Prompt for you. It will take approximately 5-7 seconds (Please wait before the blank Pop-Up will be filled in with prompt details. You will be provided with a unique prompt based on your preset for that character.

Once the pop-up appears, you will have a button labeled “Copy All.”

  1. Click on the button to copy the whole prompt.
  2. Open ChatGPT and paste the prompt (Ctrl+V) and press Enter.
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