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A detailed explanation is available in our Knowledge Base. We suggest checking it out. Additionally, a detailed walkthrough is also available here

There are already hundreds of different solutions based on AI that utilize the capabilities of the ChatGPT engine. However, none of these tools give their users the ability to tune the model for specific situations in repetitive tasks. Therefore, with other tools, it is nearly impossible to create and keep characters, tools, personalities, specific tones, styles, audiences, slangs, etc. That means that while other tools offer content creation, they are super limited and do not utilize the real capabilities of AI.

On the other hand, ChatGPT Prompt Factory gives you full control over the backend. You can create characters, tools, personalities, and set the parameters for them. Each character with parameters is saved as a preset and can be used with one click whenever you need it. Cool, right?

  1. It can extend yourself and replicate your mood and character. It’s like having AI clones of yourself 😊
  2. Presets and automations will save you hours that you would spend interacting with ChatGPT or any other content creation tool. That means you will get your desired outputs straight away.
  3. You can always train the model with one click and get the maximum from it.

ChatGPT Prompt Factory is the best solution for automating your daily routine. Once presets are set, you can get unique prompts with one click and use them in ChatGPT. It’s a matter of a couple of seconds to get the desired output!

It’s super easy. Once purchased, you will be provided with a link (a copy link of the file). Once copied, it will be stored on your Google Drive. You need to open the file and click on “Activate Triggers” on the SuperDashboard, and you are ready to go! The only thing left is to set your unique parameters for each role/character/tool. Once set, you are ready to get your prompts with one click!

No, no specific knowledge or coding skills are required. ChatGPT Prompt Factory is a super easy and user-friendly tool. Just click “Get prompt” and that’s it!

There are near to zero limitations. The only limitations are the Google Sheet limits and the limits of ChatGPT itself. The tool itself allows you to modify nearly everything and add your unique customizations. The only thing you need to be aware of is that you shouldn’t play with its code and shouldn’t change the values of the rows with specific formulas. Some automations are using hard-coded formulas and values, so deleting or changing those values might cause functionality to break. If you break the tool, you can reach out to our support, and we will help you fix your concern.

ChatGPT Prompt Factory is designed to be the best ChatGPT Prompt Generator on the market, as it allows users to have full access to the backend and customize it according to their specific needs and fantasies. You can tune roles, characters, tools, tones, styles, purposes, audiences, call to actions, hashtags, emojis, and much more!

In a world without ChatGPT Prompt Factory, users would try to get the maximum and most adequate output from content creation tools by trial and error, and analyzing what works best and what does not. This takes time and effort, and users often hit the limitations of AI tools. Even if they find that a particular approach works for them, it is challenging to replicate the same level of success for other tasks.

Our prompt engineers and experts spend hundreds of hours training the models in the most efficient way possible for our customers. We created a model that gives ChatGPT Prompt Factory customers the full power of customization and the ability to save their characters for future use. With the ability to customize per needs, save presets and automation, ChatGPT Prompt Factory is the best ChatGPT Prompting tool as of 2023.

Best ChatGPT Prompts are designed for unique use by ChatGPT Prompt Expert Engineers from ChatGPT Prompt Factory. Here is why:

ChatGPT Prompt Factory developers are highly skilled AI Prompt Engineers and Experts. Every word matters when it comes to prompt engineering, including the structure of the sentence, length, tone, and style of instructions, and the training of the model. You would spend years to accumulate the knowledge that we used when developing ChatGPT Prompt Factory.

As a big thank you to society and ChatGPT developers from OpenAI, we created the most affordable product that gives you the full 100X power of ChatGPT with just one click, which can be used for your specific needs and also allows you to automate your daily routine.

Like any language model, ChatGPT requires well-crafted prompts to generate high-quality output. At ChatGPTPromptFactory, we understand the importance of crafting unique and effective prompts tailored to your specific needs. Our tool allows you to create custom prompts that are optimized for your desired tone, style, and audience, ensuring that your generated content is of the highest quality. With the ability to customize and save your characters and roles, ChatGPTPromptFactory makes it easy to generate prompts that align with your brand voice and messaging.

Whether you need to generate prompts for blog posts, marketing copy, social media content, or any other type of written material, our tool provides customized prompts that are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring compelling and engaging output every time

Yes, it can be used with any version of ChatGPT, including both the free and paid versions. It naturally trains and interacts with all AI language models from OpenAI.

Yes, ChatGPT Prompt Factory can be used with any version of ChatGPT from OpenAI, including but not limited to versions 3.5 and 4.

Yes, once purchased and saved in your Google Drive, you will have access to the entire backend of the tool.

Yes, you can change the source code, but it is not recommended as some values are hard-coded. Changing or deleting these values can break the tool and cause its functionality to fail. If you do run into any issues, you can contact support for help.

The main difference between AI content creation tools available on the market and ChatGPT Prompt Factory is the level of customization.

ChatGPT Prompt Factory provides users with the freedom to fully customize their prompts and characters, while other AI content creation tools have limitations on the tone and style that can be changed.

Additionally, with ChatGPT Prompt Factory, users can create, customize, and save their own roles and characters for future use with just one click. Another difference is that ChatGPT Prompt Factory is a one-time purchase with lifetime access, while other tools may require recurring monthly or early subscription fees.

  1. Use Demo Tab for your experiments.

  2. Choose the right character and prompts: ChatGPT Prompt Factory has a wide range of characters and prompts that can help you achieve your goal. Choose the ones that are most relevant to your task and tweak them if necessary.

  3. Tune your character: You can customize a lot of different parameters of your character to fit your needs. ChatGPT Prompt Factory provides a range of options to help you do this.

*  The key to using ChatGPT effectively is to experiment with different characters and prompts, and to keep refining your content until it meets your needs.

No, sharing the ChatGPT Prompt Factory is not recommended as it can lead to increased Google limits and decreased performance of your particular tool.

The tool should only be used by the Gmail account where it is located, and sharing it with others can cause possible failure of the script executions.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep your version of the tool within your account and not share it with anyone else, including other Gmail accounts.

Yes, you can copy it within your GDrive account and multiply the number of automations that can be used.

However, it’s important to note that while you can get more automations, your package will still have the same amount of predefined customizations as per the package purchased.

To get the maximum out of ChatGPT Prompt Factory, it’s recommended to get the Premium Package, and then, if you would like to get more automations, you can copy the file within your GDrive account. This will allow you to get the maximum tones, styles, audiences, and the large library associated with the Premium Package.

No, as different packages use different sizes of libraries, it’s not possible to upgrade the package later.

You should purchase the package that best suits your needs. To get the most out of the tool, we recommend getting the Premium Package.

From the backend perspective, all packages have the same core and stem.

The main difference is the number of automations. For Starter it’s 4; for Plus it’s 9, and for Premium it’s 20 automations.

Another difference lies in the library and predefined tones, styles, and audiences (with their descriptions).

The library is designed to help you understand which tone, style, and audience fits best for your particular task and needs.

No, there are no additional, monthly, yearly, or any type of recurrence or hidden fees. You pay once and get lifetime access to the tool.

Yes, you pay only once and you will get lifetime access to the tool. Once purchased, you will be provided with a Masterfile, which will be saved to your GDrive. You can use it for as long as your Google account exists and you have access to the file.

As a downloadable digital product, ChatGPT Prompt Factory is non-returnable and not eligible for refunds. Once you have purchased and downloaded the product to your Google Drive, it becomes accessible and cannot be physically returned. We firmly adhere to this policy to maintain fairness and consistency in our refund process.

To ensure transparency and provide a clear understanding of the product before making a purchase, we offer a comprehensive walkthrough on our Knowledge Base, including detailed instructions on installation, setup, and usage. 

We highly recommend reviewing the available information, such as the product description, features, and functionality, to assess if ChatGPT Prompt Factory aligns with your content creation needs. If you have any specific questions or concerns, our support team is here to assist you and provide prompt assistance.

Please consider this policy carefully when making your purchase decision. We value your satisfaction and are committed to delivering a valuable and reliable product that meets your expectation and requirements.

No, ChatGPT would have no access to any customer’s data located in their Google Drive Account or their PC.

An end user agreement is a legal agreement between the user and the provider of a product or service, and it typically outlines the terms and conditions of use for the product or service. In the case of the ChatGPT Prompt Factory, the end user agreement specifies that by using the product, the user agrees to be bound by the terms of the agreement. The agreement grants the user a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to use the product for personal use by a single individual, and it specifies that the product may not be copied or redistributed in any way without prior written consent from the provider. The agreement also outlines the consequences of inappropriate use, including legal action and fines up to $100,000 USD.

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